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Meghalaya govt to replace MBoSE books with NCERT books, finds current MBoSE books substandard

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Shillong, Nov 16: In a major decision, the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government on Thursday announced the adoption of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks by the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBoSE) for classes I to X, from the next academic year. The decision follows the findings that the books currently used by MBoSE are not up to the standard or are substandard.

Addressing media persons after a cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma said, “We have approved the proposal for adaptation of NCERT textbooks based on certain modifications in certain subjects (which) will be done by the MBOSE from now on.”

He said that the adaptation of NCERT textbooks with necessary modification will be from class I to X and will take place from the next academic year.

Sangma said there are certain schools where classes are taken in local/vernacular language, for them from class I to V, the adaptation or the necessary changes in the language will be done. “Once the translation of the language is done, then the adaptation will take place,” he said.


The chief minister said the exercise is important because the government is concerned about the overall education system. The decision was also taken after conducting a thorough research and consultation with different stakeholders at different levels in the education system.

“(After consultation), we have come to the conclusion that most of the textbooks that are being used in the MBOSE specially when it comes to these standardized subjects which is science, English and mathematics – the books are not at the standard of the national level and hence to improve the overall quality of the textbooks, we are adopting this,” he said.

“Also, in terms of the learning outcomes at the elementary stage, the textbooks that we are using currently are not in conformity with that particular aspect and hence to bring us in line with the learning outcomes at the national level, we are changing these textbooks. This changing of the textbooks will also lead to a reduction of the number of textbooks being used at the different class levels,” Sangma said.

According to him, under the MBOSE right now for class I, II and III, there are eleven textbooks that are recommended but under NCERT, there are only four textbooks. “Therefore, there will be a large reduction in the number of textbooks that will be used. There will be an increase and improvement in the quality of the content that will be imparted to the students. It will be in conformity to a large number of requirements at the national level including the learning outcomes and hence, this process is being done,” he added.

Further, the chief minister said this is also being done on a larger scale keeping in mind the state curriculum.


“The amendment to those or rather the drafting of those aspects will also be taken up and we will ensure that the curriculum also is adapted to the national curriculum and with of course necessary adaptation to local contents because we are very clear as a cabinet that the subjects in which we require local knowledge, local content based on our culture, based on our history and uniqueness, all these aspects should not be diluted,” he said.

When asked, Sangma said the first phase of the decision will be implemented by the next academic year. “And in the next to next academic year, we will see almost all the reforms are being implemented. Hence, this is a massive exercise and a very big decision and hence all the stakeholders including DERT and MBOSE and teachers and different schools have all been taken on board and we are going ahead with these particular decision,” he said.

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