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Monkey scare in Tura Town! Clever primate beats all efforts of forest officials

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Tura, Sept 21: A monkey has become the latest headache for the citizens of Tura Town in West Garo Hills. The primate has been in the area for few months now, and of late started attacking people.

Despite so many days in public spaces, the monkey continues to enjoy its heydays as people are becoming anxious of the forest department’s apparent apathy toward the plight of the people.

Hub News reached out to R.K Marak, the DFO of East and West Division Wildlife, to get to the root of this matter and learn about the department’s efforts. Hub News learnt that the department has gone all out to catch the monkey and tried various methods, however, the clever monkey beats the efforts of the official every single time.

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More details below:

Q 1. There have been reports of one monkey being sighted in Tura town for some months, and lately it has started biting people in the town. Why is the forest dept not being able to nab it?

DFO Ans: Reports of conflicts between Human-Rhesus macaque (Rhesus monkey) in Tura Bazar area is a great concern which the wildlife department has taken note from the very first day it was reported to the department. The Wildlife Department has been in the pursuit of capturing the Rhesus macaque (monkey) which has been reportedly biting the public in Tura Bazar for a long time. However, as we all know monkey is a clever animal, the attempt to capture without causing any injury to the monkey has not yielded any results till now.

Q 2. What are the measure taken by wildlife dept?

DFO Ans: The wildlife department has taken various measures to trap/capture the animal by placing cages with food in the regularly sighted areas in bazar, staffs; Some of the localities in bazar area were also provided with nets to capture without harming the animal. Tranquilizers have also been provided but the bazar being crowded area we have to take extra caution. Besides foods mixed with sedatives are also being tried as per experts’ advice.

Q 3. Have you called experts for this?

DFO Ans: Yes, we are in touch with the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and Wildlife Conservation Society for advice.

Q 4. Public is getting anxious over the recent attacks, what do you have to say about it?

DFO Ans: Today, the wildlife Department staffs tried hard to locate the monkey in the bazar areas but the monkey was nowhere to be seen today. therefore, I request the development committee/public to inform the department if the monkey is sighted in their localities in this number 8787592564/9089609732. The wildlife department also requests the public to follow the Do’s/Don’ts when monkey is nearby. Hopefully, the monkey will be captured soon and translocated in the forests.

The DFO R.K Marak has urged the public that they should not feed and go near the animal for selfie or tease the animal because of the biting cases.

Do’s & Don’ts

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