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No Militant camps operates in Bangladesh says BSF.

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Shillong, Jan 8: The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have denied the presence of camps belonging to militant outfits from Northeast India in Bangladesh. Inspector General (IG) of the BSF, Meghalaya Frontier, Hardeep Singh has asserted that there are no specific inputs about the presence of camps of NE insurgent groups in Bangladesh.

During a press conference in Shillong on Friday, the IG Hardeep Singh said the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) had informed them that there was no camp of NE militants in Bangladesh. He also said the BSF did not have any specific input about the presence of the banned HNLC’s camp in the neighbouring country.

When asked about the recent killing of a Meghalaya citizen by BGB and killing of a Bangladeshi smuggler by BSF in the border, he said that the BSF had no role in the killing of a Bangladeshi national whereas the BSF has also lodged a complaint with BGB about the killing of an Indian citizen.

” I am hoping that we will keep the border peaceful and we are still investigating as to how the Indian citizen was killed, ” Singh said.


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