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Prestone exudes confidence in NPP securing 32-33 seats in upcoming State assembly polls

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Shillong, Feb 4: NPP’s national vice president and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong on Saturday said the NPP wave is prevailing in the State and the party will no doubt cross the magic number to form the government on its own.

After filing his nomination from Pynursla constituency, Tynsong said, “The BJP last time in 2018 said that their wave is too good but all are cold waves. Therefore, the wave is always there but we have seen it and experienced it, let them (BJP) talk anything but I am telling you right now NPP wave prevails everywhere and we have full confidence that we will cross the magic number – 32-33 seats.”

“I have travelled to quite a number of constituencies and I could see this general election, which is going to be held on February 27, the mandate of the people at the mass movement taking place in every meeting is in our favour. So I am very sure on March 2 we will be able to cross the required number, we will cross the bridge and we will also run the government on our own,” he added.

Tynsong was accompanied by his wife and son besides leaders and supporters.

On the opposition terming the MDA government’s performance as ‘disastrous’, Tynsong however said, “Let us wait and see on March 2 when the vote is counted you will see and we will prove it that the mandate of the people will be in our favour and instead of disastrous; it will be victorious for us.”

Tynsong, however, said that the mind of the NPP right now is to fight the election unitedly when responding to a query if the party has discussed on demand for a Khasi Chief Minister and whether he is ready to take the mantle.

“We are fighting unitedly to cross the magic number 32-33 seats , then once that is done the newly elected members will sit down and will elect the new leader. Right now, as I said, we are in the middle of the bridge so let us cross the bridge,” he said.

When asked, he said that the opposition AITC has proved that it is not at all serious about resolving the long pending border issue by saying that they wanted to scrap the MoU signed between the chief ministers of Meghalaya and Assam. “As I said to you, people will judge and people will understand well what they want and the intention of the TMC, which is a new entrant here and they will get the result on March 2,” he said.

Refusing to comment on the stand of other political parties on the ILP issue, Tynsong however maintained that the NPP is committed to pursue with the Government of India for implementation of ILP as well as inclusion of Khasi and Garo languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

With regards to the allegation of corruption against the MDA government, the NPP leader said anybody can just create confusion among the people but if they really have evidence why not they go as per law. “I used to tell them, if you have so many allegations against the NPP led government, please go as per the prescribed norms of law where we cannot hide anything, you can do it and nobody can hide whatever allegations made by the opposition or by anybody. I am telling you, the NPP led government has tried our best and we will continue to complete or to accomplish the aspirations of the people of the state,” he said.

On the MDA partners trying to portray a clean image by shifting the blame entirely on NPP, Tynsong said the coalition partners are talking deadly against the NPP in their respective constituencies but the voters are not illiterate.

“Almost five years we were together and no problem happened with the government but suddenly during elections, they started throwing stones at the NPP led government but we don’t mind, let them say whatever they feel like saying for the sake of election, but let me tell you one thing that people of the state have faith and confidence in the NPP,” he said.

Talking about his own constituency, Tynsong said he is confident to be re-elected again. He said that the civil sub-division is fully functional and the process is on to bring different departments in the sub division for the interest of the people. “We have also got sanction for the mini secretariat. The work has just started and we will wait for one and a half years when the mini secretariat is completed, everything will be shifted to Pynursla civil sub division,” he assured.

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