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Ri Muliang Area Development Council urges pressure groups to avoid creating commotion during inauguration of Ri Muliang C&RD Block

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Nongstoin, Nov 18: The Dorbar Shnong of Ri Muliang has urged all the youth organizations and pressure groups to not cause any disturbance in the village during the visit of the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, to inaugurate the Community & Rural Development (C&RD) Block in the village.

The decision was taken after a meeting held by the villagers of Ri Muliang under the umbrella of Ri Muliang Area Development Council on Friday.

The Chief Minister will be inaugurating the Ri Muliang C&RD Block on November 22, 2022.

The appeal was made after witnessing pressure groups such as HYC, HANM and others causing mayhem during the inaugural function of the Rambrai C&RD block by the CM as well as during the visit of Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong to Nongstoin on Thursday.

The pressure groups took to the streets to demand the implementation of the 9 points of the ‘Save Hynniewtrep Mission’ which includes the ILP, inclusion of the Khasi language in the 8th schedule, employment policy and others.

The Ri Muliang Area Development Council held an urgent meeting at the Nonglang village after receiving information on the inauguration of the C&RD block by the Chief Minister in the presence of the Myntri Rangbah, the sordars of the neighbouring areas, along with the Nongsynshar Hima, Phlowel Syiem, Syiem of Hima Nongmynsaw Syiemship and others.

The Sordar of Nonglang Village, Bah Ailan urged the people to keep calm on this particular day and to address their dissatisfaction about any issue on other day as the day C&RD block will be inaugurated will be a day of joy and happiness in the district.

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