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Seng Khasi strongly objects to misrepresentation of its flag and rituals by youtuber

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Shillong, Sept 09: The Seng Khasi on Friday condemned the misuse of its flag by a youtube channel ‘Na Rympei U Hynniewtrep’.

In a statement issued on Friday, general secretary of the Seng Khasi Kmie, Hainess Marbaniang said that a meeting of the Jylli Pyrkhat Kam (JPK) of the Seng Khasi was held on September 7, to discuss the issue.

“We have nothing to say regarding the personal opinion of anybody but what we are concerned about is the misuse of the photographs of our flag and rituals conducted at U Lum Sohpetbneng by the concerned youtuber,” he said.

He said that the Seng Khasi stands for the preservation and promotion of the rich tradition and cultural heritage of the indigenous community and such irresponsible action will only mislead the people.

“Therefore, we strongly condemn such action and urge the concerned person to remove all photographs related to the Seng Khasi and not to repeat the same in the future,” Marbaniang said.

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