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Shah address poll rally in Lakhimpur Assam says, China couldn’t encroach a single inch of India’s land during the tenure of Prime Minister Modi

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Lakhimpur, Apr 9: Union Home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said that China couldn’t encroach a single inch of land under the Narendra Modi government.

While addressing a poll rally in Lakhimpur, the minister said the government in the Centre has been committed to secure the borders of India.

“We have stopped the infiltration from Bangladesh and secured our international border. Our government is committed to work and secure the borders of the country,” Shah stated.


He said, “during the Chinese aggression of 1962, the former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru had said ‘bye-bye’ to Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. People of these states can never forget that betrayal. But now, China could not encroached even a single inch of our land. Even in Doklam, we pushed them back”.

While criticising Congress, Shah said that Assam’s border with Bangladesh was earlier “open for infiltration” but now our government have secured the border.

He came down heavily on Congress, and said, that “a few days ago Rahul baba was saying that we need to save culture of Assam. I want to remind him what his grandmother did to Assam. Thousands of youths were killed. But Modi government have done more than 10 peace talks and 9000 youths have surrendered and return to mainstream,”.

Shah said Assam received only Rs 1,62,000 crore in funds from the Congress-led government from 2004-2014, the NDA government led by Narendra Modi has allocated Rs 4,15,000 crore in funds in the last 10 years.

Shah arrived in Lakhimpur on Tuesday to campaign for Lakhimpur Lok Sabha candidate Pradhan Baruah.


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