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Iran launches drone attacks on Israel as retaliatory measure, US condemns attack, pledges diplomatic response

In an unprecedented turn of events, Iran executed its direct attack on Israeli territory late Saturday night, utilizing a combination of explosive drones and missile strikes.

Emergency Landing Facilities activated: Is India Preparing for a War Scenario?

India's recent activation of Emergency Landing Facilities (ELFs) across the nation has sparked speculation about its purpose. While some see it as a routine preparedness exercise, others believe it could be a response to growing tensions with China.

Jairam Ramesh slams PM Modi’s stand on China, highlights Arunachal issue

In an address at a press meet in Guwahati, Senior Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh criticized Prime Minister Modi's stance on China, spotlighting the critical issue of Arunachal Pradesh. Ramesh underscored that Arunachal Pradesh is and will always be an integral part of India, rejecting any compromise on its sovereignty.

Shah address poll rally in Lakhimpur Assam says, China couldn’t encroach a single inch of India’s land during the tenure of Prime Minister Modi

While addressing a poll rally in Lakhimpur, the minister said the government in the Centre has been committed to secure the borders of India.

Assam CM counters China over Tibet renaming row, favours India renaming 60 places

Taking on the red dragon over its decision to give chinese names to 30 places in occupied Tibet, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa on Tuesday mooted the idea of India giving a "tit-for'tat" to their northern neighbour by announcing the geographical names of 60 places under Tibet that are administered by China.

Northwest China-o banggriani a•sel sak 116 manderang sia, sak 400 saknaa

Sombar attamni waljatchio, Northwest China-ni a•bri jolo, 6.2 magnitude banggriani a•selo sak 116 manderangni janggirang gimaatna nangao ga•akaha aro sak 400 mangni gita bilongbee saknaatako man•aha ine Mongolbar salo, Earthquake Relief Headquarters-oni koborko man•soaha.

Tragedy strikes Northwest China: Midnight earthquake claims 116 lives, injures nearly 400

A devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck a remote mountainous region in northwest China just before midnight, resulting in the loss of at least 116 lives and leaving nearly 400 others injured, according to the local earthquake relief headquarters on Tuesday.

H9N2 outbreak in China; Union Health Ministry assures low risk to India: 10 Points

Following the outbreak of H9N2 (Avian influenza virus) cases and clusters of respiratory illness in children in northern China, the Union Health Ministry of India has confirmed its active monitoring of the situation.

Geopolitical tension between India and China affects scientific community

The geopolitical tension between India and China has started to impact the scientific community after three Indian scientists were forced to withdraw their article from a China-based science journal for using the name of Arunachal Pradesh.

Rajnath Singh performs Sastra Puja in Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang, reviews defence preparedness along LAC

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh observed the Chinese PLA posts on the other side of the border from Bum La in Arunachal Pradesh.

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