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Iran launches drone attacks on Israel as retaliatory measure, US condemns attack, pledges diplomatic response

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Guwahati, April 14: In an unprecedented turn of events, Iran executed its direct attack on Israeli territory late Saturday night, utilizing a combination of explosive drones and missile strikes. The Israeli war cabinet gave its approval, with Israeli officials declaring a state of war against Iran, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Iran launches drone attacks on Israel as retaliatory measure, US condemns, attack pledges diplomatic response
This aggressive move serves as a retaliatory measure following an Israeli operation targeting an Iranian consulate in Damascus earlier this month, which resulted in substantial casualties, including two high-ranking members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

US President Joe Biden condemned Iran’s attack on Israel, vowing a unified diplomatic response alongside fellow G7 leaders. He said that, “tomorrow, I will convene my fellow G7 leaders to coordinate a united diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack,” he asserted, highlighting the gravity of the situation.


Israel, grappling with the aftermath of the assault, promptly reopened its airspace post the onslaught. The Israeli military reported successfully intercepting the vast majority of incoming Iranian projectiles, mitigating potential damage.

Echoes of concern reverberated globally, with China expressing deep apprehension over the escalating tensions in the Middle East. Calling for restraint, China urged all parties involved to exercise caution to prevent further escalation, emphasizing the imperative role of influential nations in preserving regional peace and stability.

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin echoed similar sentiments, urging Iran to de-escalate the situation. “We condemn attacks by Iran and its proxies and call upon Iran to immediately halt further attacks,” he asserted, underlining the United States’ stance against provocation while emphasizing a commitment to safeguarding its forces and supporting Israel’s defense.


In a direct communication with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Biden reassured opposition to any potential retaliatory actions against Iran. The conversation underscored the United States’ stance on prioritizing diplomatic resolutions over escalatory measures.

India, too, joined the chorus of voices advocating for de-escalation and diplomatic avenues for resolution. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement expressing concern over the rising hostilities between Israel and Iran, urging both parties to exercise restraint and embrace dialogue.

As tensions continue to simmer, the international community remains on edge, emphasizing the critical need for dialogue and de-escalation to avert further conflict in the region.

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