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Sherwood leads from the front; State topper from Tura says nuclear energy will be ultimate power of the future

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TURA, May 26: Meghalaya state topper in this year’s Class X Secondary School Leaving Certificate SSLC examinations from Tura’s Sherwood School, Samridhya Das believes nuclear energy is what will drive the future of energy in our planet.

Speaking to Hub News shortly after receiving the electrifying news of bagging the state’s first position in this year’s SSLC exams, Samridhya Das of Sherwood school spoke of his expectations and what the future holds, not just for his career but that of the world of science.

Extremely delighted with the news of his success, he said, “I had expected good results with letters, but to secure the first position in the state was completely unexpected. I was left speechless.”

He plans to be a scientist and has set his dreams on becoming a nuclear physicist.

“I have studied a lot about radioactive material and nuclear energy which is the unlimited energy that, when used properly, can accelerate progress across the world and beyond because energy and matter is what created our universe,” says Samridhya.

When pointed out to the ill-effects of radioactive materials and threats of nuclear war, Samaridhya puts it directly by saying, “Nuclear energy use is not dangerous provided human interference is not there.”

Only son of businessman Swajan Kumar Das, a businessman, and homemaker Rita Das, Samridhya owes his success to his wonderful parents, his great teachers and friends circle who always encouraged him to give it his best shot.

“My parents, teachers and friends have been my pillars of strength and confidence,” he said.

The exams which brought him this glory have not been all perfect, he feels, because social science was a subject that was vast and needed to be tackled with adequate preparation.

“From all the subjects, social science was the most difficult because you don’t know from where the questions will pop up. It can come from anywhere, which is why one has to be thoroughly prepared.

Study 2 or 8 hours doesn’t matter, only Focus does

Samridhya Das has a word of advice to the younger generation of students who will one day face a similar test when their time comes. He doesn’t believe in long durations of study but solely on concentration.

“The best remedy and my advice to the younger generation is concentration. You may study for 2 hours or 8 hours, it doesn’t matter. All that is required in that space of time is proper concentration in what you do in that limited period of studies,” advices the state topper.

He also gives an added pointer- “And never take stress into your studies. Be calm and just concentrate on what you are doing.”

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