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Naljokaniko ra•e gipin biapo dongenggipa manderangna nangnikaniko dake on•china sak 10 Kuki-Zo MLA-rang ECI-ko mol•mola

Imphal, Mar 27: Manipur a•dokni sak 10 Kuki-Zo MLA-rang, a•dokni manderang jemangan naljokaniko ra•e a•songni gipin biaprango dongengachim, Manipur-ni Parliamentary Election-o pu•onaniko dakna man•a...

Sak 4 bi•sarang, Tuitha chibimao sripe sia

Imphal, Mar 20: Mongolbar salo, ECA Canan Locality relief camp-o dongenggipa sak 4 bi•sarang, Manipur-ni Churachandpur a•jani ning•o ong•gipa Tuibong-ni Tuitha chibimao sripe siaha. Ia...

4 children drown in Tuitha river in Manipur

Imphal, Mar 20: In a tragic incident, four internally displaced children aged 4 to 9 years lost their lives after drowning at Tuitha river...

Supplementary Examination porikkako segipa sak 55 GNM aro ANM nursing chatrirang, internet chalaianiko dondikatani a•sel neng•nikaniko man•enga

Imphal, Feb 28: Imphal aro Thoubal-oniko jitata man•gipa sak 55 GNM aro ANM nursing chatrirang,  Churachandpur-o internet jakkalaniko Manipur a•dok sorkarini dondikatani a•selo uamangni...

Internet ban in Manipur, creates exam woes for displaced nursing students

The internet shutdown in Manipur is posing serious concerns as authorities are facing problems to conduct examinations. The ethnic strife in Manipur has led to different problems including postponement of examinations.

Manipur ni Churachandpur-o internet champenganiko sal 5-na ra•dodapa

Imphal, Feb 27: Manipur a•dokni ning•o donggipa Churachandpur a•jao obostarang namjabatroroengani a•sel internet champenganiko sal 5-na ra•dodapataha chongmotan March jani 2 tarikona. Mobile service on•giparangkoba...

Manipur’s Sugnu battered by bombardments, casualties up, locals question Central forces’ inaction

Apart from the official report of a BSF jawan being injured in the constant onslaughts, locals claimed that five elderly persons, including four women, died of BP stroke.

Manipur Govt employees stay away from work in tribal region despite order warning of action

Several govt offices were found closed across Churachandpur district today even though the Manipur government issued an order asking its employees to attend offices and perform their official duties with a warning that those violating the order would be booked and prosecuted under relevant the law.

Churachandpur violence: Biren Singh says buffer zone does not exist in Manipur

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh on Saturday said that there is ‘no buffer’ zone in the State, as far as deployment of security forces were concerned.

Churachandpur tense: 42 injured, 2 dead, protestors calls for shutdown

At least 42 people sustained bullet injuries, scores others sustained injuries from rubber bullet and baton charge of the central paramilitary security forces during last night protest in and around the Lamka in Churachandpur police SPs office.

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