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Mikka balwa ta•rakanichi Meghalaya-ni dam 7 a•jarango te 483 nokrang nosto ong•atako man•a

Shillong, May 6: Robibar salo, ta•rakbegipa mikka balwa baksana stilrang onanganichi, a•dokni dam 7 a•jarangni ning•o te 483 nokrang nosto ong•atako man•aha. Indake ong•genchimoba,...

Meghalaya-o mikka jimbee waa baksa stilrang onanga: nok te 130 mangni gita nosto ong•atako man•a

Shillong, May 6: Robibar salo, Khasi Hills, Eastern West Khasi Hills aro East Khasi Hills a•jarango mikka jimbee waa baksa stilrang onangani a•sel, nok...

Tea Association of India estimates 50 per cent crops damage due to pre-monsoon shower in Barak Valley

Guwahati, May 6: The Tea Association of India (TAI) estimated that 50 percent of crops were damaged due to pre-monsoon heavy showers coupled with...

Heavy downpour & Hailstorm wreak havoc in parts of Meghalaya; Over 130 houses & 200 people affected

The heavy rain accompanied by hailstorm on Sunday lashed parts of West Khasi Hills, Eastern West Khasi Hills, and East Khasi Hills Districts, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of houses. This was reported by Matsiewdor War Nongbri, Secretary of the Revenue & Disaster Management Department.

Hailstorm cause havoc in Manipur, CM urges citizens to seek aid, issues urgent assistance alert

The hailstorm was so powerful that parts of the valley were blanketed with 4-5 inches of hail, resembling a landscape covered in thick snow.

Manipur-o mikkarang baksa stilrang onanga

Imphal, May 5: Robibar salni 1:30 bajimango, Manipur a•dokni Imphal jolrango mikkarang jimbee waangan baksana stilrangba dal•dale ga•akonaha aro uandaken bang•bea nok-jamrang aro bol-wa•arang...

Upper Assam grapples with aftermath as severe hailstorm disrupts normal life

A severe hailstorm wreaked havoc in the upper Assam districts of Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, and Sivasagar on Wednesday evening.

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