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N.F. Railway

New High Speed Carrier Coaches rolled out from Dibrugarh Workshop

The potential speed of the newly designed NMGHS coach is 110 km per hour along with various other improved features like wider opening, natural pipe light, pavement markers as well as retro reflective tape for guidance, strong floor with chequered sheet, improved fall plate arrangement for smooth entry as well as upgraded end door design with barrel lock for ease of locking.

Amrit Bharat Station Scheme-ni ning•o N. F. Railway dol, ge 56 gital Foot Over Bridge-rangko rikanggen

Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) dolrang, dingtang dingtang biapango ge 10 Foot Over Bridges ba sorok kosak gita mande re•batna chue tarigipa dolongko manderangni naljokaniko bilakbatatna aro manderangni re•ruraaniko nengrabatatna gita tariangaha. Indake, re•baenggipa salrango Amrit Bharat Station Scheme-ni ning•o ge 59 gital FOB-rangko tariangkugen.

N. F. Railway Announces Train Cancellations and Rescheduling for May 1

Guwahati, April 30: Many train services will be disrupted on May 1 due to scheduled track safety works and traffic blocks in the Lumding...

N.F. Railway G.M. Inspects Kamakhya-Goalpara-New Bongaigaon Section, Reviews Development Works

During the inspection, the General Manager conducted a window trailing inspection, examining crucial areas such as marshalling yards, coaching yards, minor and major bridges, running rooms, and health units.

Assam: 62 foreigners apprehended by RPF of NFR in June 2023

In a recent incident on 11th July, 2023, RPF of Dharmanagar Post jointly with local police and BSF personnel conducted checking at Kumarghat railway station where they apprehended 12 Rohingiyas (9 males and 3 females including one minor girl) who had illegally entered into Indian territory.

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