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NEP 2020

Govt to continue investment in education; Conrad assures approval of multi-disciplinary subjects in all Govt colleges

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma on Tuesday said that the government is commitment to investing in education and enhancing infrastructure for higher and technical education in the state.

Lekka porana sorkari tangka paisarangko koros ka•angkugen: Conrad

Meghalaya a•doko lekka porani gadangko tang•doatna gita a•dok sorkari, tangka paisarangko nangani kri koros ka•angkugen aro chubata gadangni lekka porana nokrangkoba rike on•angkugen ine Mongolbar salo, Meghalaya a•dokni Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, East Khasi Hills a•jani Sohra Government College-o jinmana parakataha.

NEP 2020: Nagaland govt to implement ‘One Nation, One Student ID’ for students

Nagaland government is set to implement 'One Nation, One Student ID' called 'Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) for every student from pre-primary to higher education as a part of the National Education Policy (NEP).

Workshop on NEP 2020 & Experimental Learning held in Tura for maths and science teachers

Tura, Oct 14: An Insight into NEP 2020 & Innovation Strategies to Develop Competency Through Experimental Learning, a workshop on Mathematics and Science was...

Conrad foresees consequences for affiliated colleges if NEP 2020 not implemented immediately

Stating that the State is going ahead with the NEP implementation, Sangma said, “There is no going back on that.” He also urged individuals and colleges to come forward and discuss the issues they have with the State government.

NEP 2020:  NEHU VC and MCTA remain at loggerheads despite meeting, agitations to continue  

After nearly 40 days of agitation, the Meghalaya College Teachers' Association (MCTA) was called by the VC of NEHU to find a solution for implementing the NEP. However, the meeting did not lead to an understanding, so the Teachers' Association have decided to continue the agitation.

MCTA to meet NEHU VC today, discuss over implementation of NEP 2020

The Meghalaya College Teachers' Association (MCTA) has decided to accept the invitation of the Vice Chancellor of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) for discussion on the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Meghalaya: 22 Colleges protest against NEP 2020, boycott assignments and colleges

The association has petitioned vice chancellor Prof. PS Shukla to withdraw the July 12 notification mandating the implementation of NEP 2020 across all affiliated colleges.

NEP 2020-ko ra•gatani bidingo Higher Educational Council Committee chanchitaigen

NEP 2020-ko jegale college-o skigiparang jingjengattokengani gimin NEHU-ni VC, skigiparangko okame agangrikna nanga ineba HYC dabiangaha.

EXPLAINED: How will NEP 2020 transform the education system in Meghalaya and the country?

NEP 2020, is seen as an important step that will revolutionise the Indian education system by bringing much-needed reforms.

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