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Miscreants set ablaze vehicles of Delhi-based road construction firm in West Khasi Hills

Miscreants set fire to vehicles, including a JCB belonging to the Joint Stock Company Industrial Association, during the early hours of Thursday in West Khasi Hills district.

Nongstoin-o mande saksako matsramgipa bostuchi su•a

Shillong, Mar 4: Robibar waljatchio, West Khasi Hills a•jani Nongstoin-o donggipa Kynroh Taxi Stand-o mande saksako matsramgipa bostuchi su•aha. So•otako man•gipa mandeara, Upper New Nongstoin-oni...

Man stabbed to death in Nongstoin, one arrest

A man was stabbed to death at Kynroh Taxi Stand, Nongstoiñ, West Khasi Hills District, during midnight on Sunday.

Tura Smart Town project-na gong cr 338-ko sorkari chamata

Shillong, Feb 20: Tura Smart Town project-na gong crore 338.152-ko aro Jowai Smart Town-na gong crore 79.8 tangkarangko sorkari chamataha ine Mongolbar salo, Assembly...

Man arrested for allegedly murdering pregnant wife in West Khasi Hills

Nongstoiñ, Feb 2: The West Khasi Hills Police on Friday arrested a man for allegedly killing his pregnant wife in Tiehsaw Village. According to police,...

State-wide tourist taxi strike: MTC continues Tura – Shillong bus services via Nongstoin

The Meghalaya Transportation Corporation (MTC) buses continued their normal bus service to Shillong on Friday night even as Tura’s tourist taxi services joined the 48-hour state-wide strike of tourist taxis.

WKH SP regrets tragic incident involving school staff; vows swift justice as police launch investigation

A tragic incident unfolded in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya on Monday evening, following a shocking robbery.

Fatal attack on teachers near Langpih: One dead, another critically injured

The deceased teacher, identified as Tengton R Sangma, aged 48, succumbed to the brutal assault, while Surja Kumar Chetri, 49, sustained severe injuries.

Gymnastic sapgipa Nongstoin-ni chadambeko MGA okamata

Social media-rango ga·subee gymnastic kal·e mesokaniko niksoani ja·man New Nongstoin-ni chadambe aro Nongstoin Youth Calisthenics (NYC)-ni membor Mebanrilang Lyngdoh Marshillong-ko nambate skie (training) on·dapangkuna gita Meghalaya Gymnatics Association (MGA) okamataha aro ia bilsi 17-san ong·kuenggipa chadambe, re·baenggipa December-ni 9 tariko Guwahati songjinmaona re·ange susaanio bakko ra·ena gita tarisamsoengaha.

Nongstoiñ’s teen calisthenics athlete becomes internet sensation, set to switch to gymnastics

Mebanrilang Lyngdoh Marshillong, a teenager from New Nongstoiñ and a proud member of the Nongstoiñ Youth Calisthenics (NYC), has taken the internet by storm after a video captured by his friends displaying his jaw-dropping feat—a remarkable triple 360-degree spin—went viral. The particular video makes Mebanrilang an instant social media sensation.

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