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Tura Smart Town project-na gong cr 338-ko sorkari chamata

Shillong, Feb 20: Tura Smart Town project-na gong crore 338.152-ko aro Jowai Smart Town-na gong crore 79.8 tangkarangko sorkari chamataha ine Mongolbar salo, Assembly...

Man arrested for allegedly murdering pregnant wife in West Khasi Hills

Nongstoiñ, Feb 2: The West Khasi Hills Police on Friday arrested a man for allegedly killing his pregnant wife in Tiehsaw Village. According to police,...

State-wide tourist taxi strike: MTC continues Tura – Shillong bus services via Nongstoin

The Meghalaya Transportation Corporation (MTC) buses continued their normal bus service to Shillong on Friday night even as Tura’s tourist taxi services joined the 48-hour state-wide strike of tourist taxis.

WKH SP regrets tragic incident involving school staff; vows swift justice as police launch investigation

A tragic incident unfolded in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya on Monday evening, following a shocking robbery.

Fatal attack on teachers near Langpih: One dead, another critically injured

The deceased teacher, identified as Tengton R Sangma, aged 48, succumbed to the brutal assault, while Surja Kumar Chetri, 49, sustained severe injuries.

Gymnastic sapgipa Nongstoin-ni chadambeko MGA okamata

Social media-rango ga·subee gymnastic kal·e mesokaniko niksoani ja·man New Nongstoin-ni chadambe aro Nongstoin Youth Calisthenics (NYC)-ni membor Mebanrilang Lyngdoh Marshillong-ko nambate skie (training) on·dapangkuna gita Meghalaya Gymnatics Association (MGA) okamataha aro ia bilsi 17-san ong·kuenggipa chadambe, re·baenggipa December-ni 9 tariko Guwahati songjinmaona re·ange susaanio bakko ra·ena gita tarisamsoengaha.

Nongstoiñ’s teen calisthenics athlete becomes internet sensation, set to switch to gymnastics

Mebanrilang Lyngdoh Marshillong, a teenager from New Nongstoiñ and a proud member of the Nongstoiñ Youth Calisthenics (NYC), has taken the internet by storm after a video captured by his friends displaying his jaw-dropping feat—a remarkable triple 360-degree spin—went viral. The particular video makes Mebanrilang an instant social media sensation.

‘With just ₹66 per day, how will we survive?’

A large number of Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) from West Khasi Hills, affiliated with the Meghalaya ASHA Workers Union, on Monday organized a peace rally in Nongstoiñ, seeking enhancement of their honorarium.

Salo gong ₹66 man•achi maikai janggi tanggen? ine Asha sing•doa

Nongstoin, Nov 13: Sombar salo, West Khasi Hills-ni Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)-rang Meghalaya ASHA Workers Union baksa nangrimenba, an•tangtangni man•gniko bariatchina dabianiko dake...

M’laya teachers issue ultimatum for upgradation of all adhoc schools to deficit system

The resolution was adopted at the general meeting of the FASTOM held at Nongstoin on October 7.

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