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Power Minister AT Mondal

Garo Hills-o bading chiwalgiparangna CM Elevate-ni tom•aniko ong•ata

Shillong, Mar 13: Garo Hills-o bading chiwale cha•enggiparangna aro bading chiwalani kamrangko a•bachengatna sikenggipa manderangna CM-Elevate-ni tom•bimonganiko Tura-ni District Auditorium-o ong•atangaha aro ia tom•anio,...

Bijoli nosto ong•a donggenchimode ta•raken u•iatchina Power Minister didiata

Shillong, Feb 26: Da•ororo bijolirangni a•sel nok wa•al kamanirang batroroengani gimin noktangtango bijoli nosto ong•a donggenchimode ta•raken MeECL-na u•iatchina gita Sombar salo, a•dokni Power...

Meghalaya Govt inks MoU with ONGC Tripura Power Company to harness state’s hydropower potential

The MoU was signed in Shillong in the presence of Power Minister AT Mondal, who emphasised the monumental significance of this collaboration.

Meghalaya Cabinet formally scraps 500MW thermal power project in Garo Hills

The State Cabinet on Friday approved the scrapping of the 500 megawatt thermal power project awarded to the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO).

Solar Mission-ko CM a•bachengate on•anga

Solar mission-na Meghalaya sorkari, bilsiprako gong crore 100-ko chamgen ineba Chief Minister parakataha.

Meghalaya power woes to increase as 325 MW Kynshi Stage-II project to be scrapped

Informing this on Thursday, Power Minister AT Mondal said, “The party is not interested (to carry on with the project).”

NEEPCO abandons 500 MW thermal power project in Meghalaya

The North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) has officially conveyed its decision to withdraw from the implementation of a proposed 500 megawatt thermal power project in Meghalaya, citing their strategic shift towards cleaner and sustainable energy solutions.

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