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Trinamool Congress’ Pynthorumkhrah candidate Samborlang Diengdoh quits party, to contest as independent

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Shillong, Jan 24: Samborlang Diengdoh, the official candidate of the Trinamool Congress (AITC) from Pynthorumkhrah Constituency, has quit the party as he wants to refrain from “mud-slinging” politics.

On January 6, the TMC announced their list of 52 candidates for the upcoming Assembly Election, and Diengdoh was named as their official candidate from Pynthorumkhrah.

However, Diengdoh along with another leader Banpynshngaiñ Rumnong who contested the 2018 election from the Congress party quit the TMC party on Saturday.

“The main reason for me to quit the party is because we want to refrain ourselves from mudslinging politics but to promote constructive politics,” said Diengdoh.

He, however, will still contest the upcoming election but as an Independent Candidate.

“….all this while I am not campaigning myself as the TMC candidate… I have been campaigning myself as Samkhamti only,” he said.

Asked if the decision to quit the West Bengal based political party will boost his winning chance, “only time will tell, but I have confidence that it will boost (my chance) because I feel comfortable with propagating my own tag,” Diengdoh said.

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