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Tura professor among group bestowed with patent for bio waste machine invention

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Tura, June 11: In a rare success story on invention, a group of physicists that includes a Tura professor, Dr Arindam Ghosh, have been recognized for their work on machine invention with the Patent Office of the Government of India certifying their model which turns organic waste into natural compost through an automated process.

Dr Arindam Ghosh was among the six member group that that designed the prototype machine which now holds their patent and can be ordered for manufacturing by companies and agencies.

“We are part of a group of engineers, physicists and experts who hold regular discussion to try and find ways to mitigate the problems of modern day life, particularly regarding waste and safety. We are also working on how to utilize laser for removal of bacteria and viruses from water,” said Dr Arindam Ghosh while speaking to Hub News on the success of the patent design.


He said that obtaining a patent is extremely tough given that hundreds of designs are given to the Patent Office every week that has to be reviewed, cross-checked against imitation and duplicacy, among others.

“In our case it took the Patent Office 99 days to give us the patent for our invention,” said Arindam.

While the bio degradable machine will not be manufactured by Ghosh and his team, companies keen to utilize the invention will approach them for the license and pay a royalty share.

The size of the machine will depend on the requirements of the company and Dr Arindam says the smallest unit could go for as low as Rs 20-30,000 rupees.


“Those out of reach from the municipal garbage disposal route, families keen to make use of their organic waste as manure or compost for their vegetable gardens and enriching of the soil can take advantage of the machine, once manufactured,” says Ghosh.

He claims that since the machine is an automated organic waste to biodegradation machine, kitchen and garden waste will get converted into compost in as little as a day or two.

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