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Vineet Bagaria’s compassionate campaign continues to save stray animals

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Dibrugarh, July 10: To ensure that stray, voiceless animals get home and don’t go hungry, a young man from Dibrugarh, Vineet Bagaria, started a campaign in 2018 and during the COVID-19 lockdown, when everything was closed, Vineet still fed and cared for the animals.

Witnessing his compassion and dedication, many youths joined him. Later, he founded the “Animal Welfare People” organization, which is working for the welfare of animals.


Two years ago, animal lover Vineet Bagaria passed away. In his memory, on his second death anniversary, the members of Animal Welfare People provided stray animals with reflective collars and food. The effort aimed to give these stray animals a home.

President of Animal Welfare People, Gayatri Hazarika, mentioned that Vineet Bagaria started the organization in 2018 with a campaign for the welfare of voiceless animals, under which many activities have been carried out for them.

On the second death anniversary of Vineet Bagaria, also known as “Dogs’ Father,” stray dogs around Dibrugarh town and the university were provided with reflective collars and food.


Vineet’s parents, Kailash and Anita Bagaria, actively supported this initiative.

Additionally, on Vineet’s death anniversary, his mother distributed clothes to underprivileged children.

Kailash Bagaria shared that during the continuous rain causing artificial flooding in Dibrugarh and surrounding areas, people were in distress, and animals were on the verge of starvation.

During that time, the Animal Welfare People organization, initiated by Vineet, provided food for the animals.

The campaign to provide reflective collars to dogs started on Vineet’s death anniversary.

The organization helps as much as possible because, during floods, animals roam on the streets, and at night, in the darkness, dogs often die from vehicle collisions. The reflective collars help make the animals visible in the light.

Clothes were also provided to children affected by the floods, and many underprivileged people received food supplies.

Bagaria mentioned that many programs were organized on Vineet’s death anniversary.


He stated that the work of providing reflective collars to animals will continue in the future.

​”It is known that Vineet Bagaria loved animals from a young age. As he grew up, he started working for their welfare. Once his family learned about his work, they began to support him. As he continued to work for voiceless animals, more youths joined him​” one of his close friends said.

​”Even though Vineet is no longer with us, his noble mission is being carried forward by his young friends. Everyone is supporting this mission​” his parents say.

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