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Wild elephants kill Bangladesh national near Garo Hills border

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Baghmara, March 23: Wild elephants on the move and in search of food have killed a Bangladesh national across the border with South Garo Hills after the herd entered a village close to the international boundary on Friday night.

Over a dozen pachyderms in a group, foraging for food, were sighted at Sibbari area of South Garo Hills and are believed to be the same herd that crossed the border into Bangladesh territory where the incident occured during the late hours of the night.


On the same night, another herd entered the Jongkol Kongkona border area, outside Baghmara town, and reportedly damaged a blacksmith shop and one empty shed.

Herds of elephants are on the move across different parts of Garo Hills as the lean dry season stretches and food becomes scare for these majestic beasts.


With human encroachment fast extending to their age old dwelling areas and corridors of movement human-animal conflict is escalating with each passing year.

Elephants are now getting spotted outside the periphery of Tura town itself, an extremely rare sighting in the past.

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