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Wild elephants “party” after waylaying food truck in Garo Hills border

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Tura, May 23: “Power flows from the barrel of a gun” was a phrase coined by Chinese leader Mao Zedong to showcase authority and might.

But in the Garo Hills, it has been proven it can flow even from the end of a trunk- read elephant.

In the continuous conflict between man and animal- where humans have always had the superior hand, with devastating consequences, for once the hand had to give way for the trunk.


Taking a leaf out of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” in which animals led by Napoleon the Berkshire pig take control, a herd of wild elephants in South Garo Hills did the unthinkable.

They “waylaid” a passing Mahindra pick up mini truck loaded with vegetables to indulge in a “buffet” of sorts.

The incident took place around 16:00 hours (4 PM) on 21 May, when the vegetable truck, heading towards district headquarters Baghmara , was about to reach Jatrakona border outpost in Gasuapara region of South Garo Hills.


A wild herd of elephants emerged from the undergrowth onto the road sending commuters scurrying for cover. In the melee, a maruti alto and a maruti Estilo car were damaged by the herd before they turned their attention to the much sought after treasure trove of vegetables that lay open for their picking.

It was a feast day that these majestic beasts wouldn’t be forgetting in a long time as they wiped the “plates” clean, polishing off a cool five large sacks of fresh potatoes before wandering off into the forests, a contented lot.

Even the animals in Orwell’s farm didn’t have such a happy ending.

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