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Amid Ethnic Unrest, Naga Women Union Urges Halt to Gender Violence Against Women in Manipur

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Imphal, Dec 21 (Waari Singbul Network): The Naga Women Union (NWU), in a fervent plea, has raised a poignant call to halt the escalating harassment and abduction of Naga women amidst the ongoing unrest in Manipur. As the festive spirit of Christmas envelops the region, the union’s President, Ch. Priscilla Thiumai, has denounced the disturbing trend of armed miscreants perpetuating coercive acts disguised as taxation or extortion.

Amid Ethnic Unrest, Naga Women Union Urges Halt to Gender Violence Against Women in Manipur

The union voices deep concern over the unchecked incidents of physical harassment and abduction of Naga women, branding these acts as flagrant violations of human rights. The situation, where armed groups target innocent civilians—especially women—for ransom demands, poses a severe threat to the larger aspiration of peace and unity in Manipur.


Emphasizing the gravity of the issue, the union highlights the detrimental impact of such actions on the fabric of society, warning against the perils of fostering deep-seated prejudices among communities. They stress that such acts not only hinder the path to a civilized society but also perpetuate a cycle of conflict that ultimately harms all involved.

Moreover, the NWU underscores the urgent need for an immediate cessation of these egregious violations and implores all Naga organized civil societies to engage in more constructive and judicious approaches to combat crimes against women. They emphasize that women cannot be treated as commodities and advocate for a swift judicial process to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Throughout Manipur’s history, women have exemplified resilience, contributing significantly to the socio-cultural fabric of the state. However, as ethnic tensions have sporadically flared, the safety and dignity of women, especially those from minority communities, have become increasingly jeopardized. The Naga Women Union’s recent call to stop the harassment and abduction of Naga women is a powerful reminder of the urgent need to safeguard the rights and dignity of women amid the turmoil, urging for swift and decisive action to halt the alarming trend of gender-based violence in Manipur.

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