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Assam: Train makes narrow escape after engine detaches from bogies in Kokrajhar

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Guwahati, June 4:A day after the horrific Balasore triple train accident, a train in Kokrajhar narrowly averted a disaster after the main engine was detached from the carriages during its journey.

According to the eyewitnesses the engine of the train was suddenly detached from the other bogies and moved away while the passenger-less train was in motion. Reports said that the engine eventually came to a halt about 500-600 meters away.

Following the incident, Railway staff arrived at the scene and reattached the main engine, restoring full movement after an hour-long delay.

One of the eyewitness said they saw the train moving when suddenly they heard a loud noise and observed that the engine was detached from the other carriages. However, the train continued moving ahead with only two coaches, while the rest remained separated from the engine. Concerned about a potential incident, they immediately informed the railway department about the situation. They also said that while they rushed towards the engine they found that the compartment was empty.

Soon, they conveyed the incident to the railway officials.

The incident comes at a time when around 288 passengers lost their live and 1000 have been injured in the Odisha train tragedy.

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