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Garo bodies seek proactive measures to prevent gibbon electrocutions

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Guwahati, July 9: A’chik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM) and HURO- a Hoolock Gibbons Conservation Initiative, have requested Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma to take proactive steps in stopping the electrocution of gibbons.

Earlier this year, a tragic incident occurred in Gondenggre village where a Western Hoolock Gibbon male was electrocuted on an 11 KW high voltage power line.

“This heart-wrenching incident follows a similar tragedy in 2021 at the same location, where another adult male Gibbon was electrocuted and subsequently given last rites by the compassionate local residents. More recently, in October 2023, a sub-adult female Gibbon met the same unfortunate fate in Tura town,” both the organisations stated.


“These incidents are not isolated; they represent a persistent and escalating threat to the Western Hoolock Gibbons in our region. The loss of these precious creatures is not only a blow to our biodiversity but also a significant cultural and ecological loss. As you are aware, the Western Hoolock Gibbon is a vital part of our natural heritage and an indicator of the health of our forest ecosystems,” the organisations stated.

The organisations have proposed the implementation of certain protective measures. These include securing the high voltage power lines with insulated or coated wires at critical points and installing protective netting in areas where Gibbons are known to traverse, especially Gondenggre and Silsotchigre.

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