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Indian Army & HMI launch expedition to MT Chomo Yummo in North Sikkim

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Gangtok, Aug 29: With banners flying high and spirits even higher, the Indian Army on Tuesday flagged off the joint mountaineering expedition by Indian Army and Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), Darjeeling to Mt Chomo Yummo.

Indian Army & HMI launch expedition to MT Chomo Yummo in North Sikkim

A momentous Flagging Off Ceremony on Tuesday signalled the formal commencement of the joint mountaineering expedition to conquer towering peak of Mt Chomo Yommo, standing at an altitude of 6,829m on the Great Himalayan Range in North Sikkim. The expedition was flagged off by General Officer Commanding Trishakti Corps.

Mt Chomo Yummo is a deeply respected and revered peak in North Sikkim and is considered as a ‘Female Deity’. The peak attracts attention of ace mountaineers from across the world.


The expedition is planned to be completed in the month of September. It also serves as a means for the Indian Army to train its military personnel to handle diverse challenges with precision and skill.

“I am fortunate to have joint expedition with Indian Army. The Indian Army gave us chance to participate in the expedition and this is my second expedition with the Indian Army. I am very thankful to Indian Army for giving the opportunity,” said an instructor of Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.


The challenging journey demands physical endurance, strategic thinking and camaraderie as the soldiers navigate through rugged landscapes at extreme altitudes. Their journey will not only be a display of their abilities but also represent Indian Army’s unflinching commitment to safeguarding its national security in most arduous terrain.

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