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‘It will be a cake walk for me’: Sanbor on retaining South Shillong seat

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Shillong, Feb 6: BJP leader and cabinet minister Sanbor Shullai on Monday expressed confidence to retain the South Shillong seat and said people of Meghalaya have accepted the party due to the good works of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After filing his nomination, Shullai said that this time will be a cake walk for him as he has no opponents at all.

“The last two elections were tough because I had very strong opponents but this time there is no opponent so it will be a cake walk for me,” he said.

On the NPP’s decision not to put up a candidate from South Shillong, he said that as per statement of the Dr WR Kharlukhi, they had clearly stated that they don’t have a suitable candidate and that is why they left South Shillong.

He however recalled that in the last MDC election, the Congress had nominated a taxi driver and said, “This time also just to retain the name of the party they pick any Tom, Dick and Harry from here and there and nominate them to contest.”

Shullai said that he has got no hand in the ticket scam as the allegation was pertaining to last 2018 election. He said there was no money involved in the allotment of ticket to him in 2018 even as he added, “It is the BJP who came to my bedroom and offered the ticket to me free of cost.”

Stating that the people of South Shillong will again repose their faith and confidence in him, the sitting legislator said that he has worked hard to bring various kinds of developments and fulfilled long pending aspirations of the people in cantonment as well as municipal areas.

He said the allegation made by KAM candidate Angela Rangad is a lie because the people of the constituency have witnessed that everything is in progress.

The cabinet minister further claimed that the people of Meghalaya have accepted the BJP and said, “This is due to the good work of our PM Narendra Modi and many kinds of schemes which have been created by the BJP…”

He said the people should know who is ruling in Delhi.

“All the schemes be it water supply, road, highway, hospital, health care, electricity, education and everything is being funded by the BJP government from Delhi and other parties may be the UDP, TMC or Congress they exist here in Meghalaya only but people of Meghalaya should know who is ruling in Delhi, is it the UDP, who is running the government in Delhi, is it the Congress, the TMC, it is the BJP, so people should understand that all the schemes is being provided and funded by none other than the BJP under the prime minister Narendra Modi,” he said.

Terming the opposition’s allegation against BJP for committing atrocities against Christian community as wrong, Shullai said, “Our Christian brothers and sisters have witnessed in Meghalaya there are no atrocities against the Christian community. As a party, we are ready if there are any atrocities against the Christians, we the BJP will be in the forefront even to go to Delhi also to fight for their rights, safety and justice of the Christian brothers and sisters of our state.”

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