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Jaintia film ‘Ka Chithi’ all set to be screened at 15th Bengaluru International Film Festival

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SHILLONG, FEB 19: ‘Ka Chithi’, a captivating film directed by Simi Khongtiang, has been selected to be showcased at the prestigious 15th Bengaluru International Film Festival 2024.

This marks a historic moment as ‘Ka Chithi’ becomes the first-ever Jaintia film to be selected for such a renowned platform.

The Bengaluru International Film Festival is renowned for celebrating the finest cinematic works from across the globe, and “Ka Chithi” will be competing in the esteemed Indian Competition Section, alongside 11 other remarkable films from various regions of India.

Scheduled to commence from February 29th to March 7th, 2024, the festival promises an exhilarating journey into the world of cinema, bringing together filmmakers, enthusiasts, and critics alike. ‘Ka Chithi’ will captivate audiences with its unique narrative, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of the Jaintia community.

In addition to “Ka Chithi,” two other noteworthy films from the Northeast region will also grace the festival: “Joseph’s Son” from Manipur, directed by Haobam Paban Kumar, and “Samparpan” from Assam, directed by Arup Manna. Together, these films showcase the diverse and vibrant cinematic landscape of the Northeast, further enriching the festival experience.

The AntHill Productions and the Director of ‘Ka Chithi’Simi Khongtiang extends their heartfelt congratulations to the entire cast and crew of ‘Ka Chithi,’ as well as all the film lovers in our region, especially those from the Jaintia Hills.

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