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Meghalaya Tableau charms at Republic Day parade with enchanting Cherry Blossom display

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New Delhi, Jan 26: The Republic Day parade on Friday featured the Meghalaya tableau, showcasing a captivating presentation of the state’s cherry blossoms. The tableau transformed the landscape into a picturesque canvas adorned with delicate shades of pink. Cherry blossom trees, gracefully swaying with blossoms, created a mesmerising scene reminiscent of a dreamy springtime paradise.


The gentle petals create a calm carpet on the ground, invoking a sense of tranquility and beauty. This depiction symbolises Meghalaya’s enchanting cherry blossom season. Shifting focus, the tableau immerses into a distinctive freshwater scuba diving site along the Umngot River in Dawki.


Divers surface from pristine waters, surrounded by vibrant aquatic life, showcasing the state’s lesser-known yet captivating adventure opportunities. The tableau also explores Meghalaya’s ageless caves, aglow with stalactites and stalagmites.


The Republic Day tableau from Meghalaya unfolded the excitement of adventure sports, featuring zipliners soaring across valleys and rappellers descending from great heights. It also showcased the state’s diverse flora and endemic species, including the elusive clouded leopard, underlining the importance of conservation efforts. The tableau culminated by celebrating community-led cleanliness initiatives in Mawlynnong, recognised as Asia’s cleanest village.

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