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Riwaka Tangsong’s study mantra: Feed your brain every day

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Shillong, May 26: Expressing the need for a student to make a habit of studying every day, Riwaka Tangsong of St. Edmund’s Hr. Sec School, the 10th position rank holder in the Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) Arts Stream, said, “It is always good to feed your brain everyday”.

Riwaka loves to read and study. “Whenever I have time, I sit down and study. Yes, sometimes I do get lazy but just because I get lazy does not mean I will sit idly and do nothing, I take out my books and read even though it is just for one or two pages,” she said.

She also stressed that classroom knowledge is very important. Apart from studying, she said students’ concentration in the classroom is equally important.

“If we really pay attention in class, sometimes we don’t have to study the topic anymore, our teachers always come in full preparation. If we listen to them attentively, we can get the main points, then when we prepare for our boards, we don’t have to mug up everything by heart but just to note down the important points,” she said.

With a childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer, Riwaka will continue her further education at St. Edmund’s College, Shillong.

“In life we need to take little steps, that is how we reach our goals,” she underlined as her message to others.

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