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Conjunctivitis is a harmless, very curable disease: Ampareen on rising cases, advises precautions

"Conjunctivitis is relatively harmless, even though it transmits quickly from person to person and is highly curable," said Meghalaya Health Minister Dr. M Ampareen Lyngdoh, in response to the rising cases of conjunctivitis reported in the state.

Conjunctivitis saaniara batrikrikgipa ong•genchimoba kenna nanggipa ong•ja ine Health Minister talata

Conjunctivitis ba mikron saaniara saksa sakgipinona batrikrikgipa saani ong•genchimoba ian mandena kenna nanggipa ong•ja aro ia saaniko altuaen sanna man•aia ine Sombar salo, Meghalaya a•dokni Health Minister Dr M Ampareen Lyngdoh, da•ororo mikron saaniko man•tokengani gimin talataniko on•angaha.

Shillong-o mikron saani batrikrikenga

Shillong songjinmani Mawlai Mawroh Community Health Centre (CHC)-o salsani gisepon sak 20 manderang Conjunctivitis ba mikron saaniko man·ahani gimin an·tangtangko simsake dongchina gita sorkari u·iataha.

Conjunctivitis: Do’s and Don’ts to prevent Eye flu or Pink eye

Pink eye is highly contagious and can easily spread from person to person through direct contact or by touching contaminated surfaces.

Health Alert | Conjunctivitis outbreak: 20 cases detected in a day in Mawlai Mawroh, most from NEHU8

An alarming increase in conjunctivitis cases have been reported in Meghalaya with Mawlai Mawroh Community Health Centre (CHC) recording 20 new cases in a single day on Saturday.

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