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expert committee

Reservation Policy-ko nipilna Madhya Pradesh HC-ni gitcham Judge-ko Expert Committee-ni chairman songa

Ia expert committee-ko ja 12-ni gisepon a•dok sorkarina report-ko on•china gita ge•etmanaha ineba Lyngdoh parakataha.

Former MP HC judge appointed as chairman of Expert Committee on State Reservation Policy

The names of the five members of the Expert Committee were approved by the State Cabinet chaired by the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday.

Names for expert committee on reservation policy shortlisted 

The search panel headed by Chief Secretary Donald P. Wahlang has shortlisted the names of the chairperson and members of the expert committee who will be reviewing the reservation policy.

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Taking to Twitter, Sarma said that the state is now closer to creating a positive ecosystem for women’s empowerment, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion.

UDP ming 8 nipiltaiani mamlarangko committee-na on’a

UDP-ni agananigitade, uamangni on'gimin mamlarangni ong'a-ong'gijako, ba maikoba on'dapna nanganirangko expert committee niangkuna man'gen aro uamangni miksonganirang a'ja gimikko chanchie dakahanigimin, uamang an'tangtangni kamna kusi ong'anikoba parakataha.

State Reservation Policy Review: Govt waits for more names for expert committee chairperson’s post

Sangma told reporters that only one name has come for appointment of the chairperson.

Reservation Policy-ko nipilna Expert Committee-ko songani bidingo VPP, skotong minister-ko gronga

Expert committee-o a·dokni a·palchini manderangko songani gimin sorkarini chanchie ra·baenggipani bidingo VPP dolni chanchianiko sing·on, iakode chinga sorkarinan pakwata, maina expert committee-ko songchina gitan chinga sorkariko didiaha aro sorkari da·o iana kamko ka·enga, chinga iani giminde mamingoba neng·nikani dongja ine ua aganchakangaha.

Job Reservation Policy: Ampareen seeks time to search members for Expert Committee

"We are in the process of searching members who are willing to head or be members of such a committee. The process has started and we need to give the search committee its own time so that we do things in the correct way and correct manner," Lyngdoh told reporters.

Reservation Policy: CM Conrad says seeking Expert Committee members who are balanced and neutral in nature

Chief Minister Sangma emphasized that the composition of the Expert Committee would not be limited to individuals solely from within the state.

Reservation roster system: Ampareen to hold telephonic conversation with the committee members

Mentioning that the government had recently came up with a memorandum, Lyngdoh said that the political parties were given time till Monday to submit their queries either to the chairperson of the committee or to the Chief Minister or the Chief Secretary.

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