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Indian Army exchanges pointers, showcases advanced weaponry to Mongolian Army in joint training

These cutting-edge weapons and equipment have been developed under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, reinforcing India's growing defence potential.

India-Mongolia joint military exercise: Boosting diplomacy and establishing ‘lost’ ancient link

The exercise will focus on operations in the semi-urban and mountainous terrain. Some of the drills of the exercise would be in response to a terrorist action, establishment of a joint command post and intelligence and surveillance centre and others.

Chang 16-gipa India-Mongolia Joint Military Exercise-ko a•bachenga

Shillong, July 3: India aro Mongolia a•songni gisepo chang 16-gipa Joint Military Exercise ‘NOMADIC ELEPHANT’-ko Budbar sal dipet Umroi-ni Foreign Training Node-o a•bachengataha. Ia Joint...

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