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Nongpoh Police

HNLC-ni sleeper cell membor-rangko Ri-Bhoi police-rang rim•a

Nongpoh, June 11 : Ri-Bhoi a•jani police-rang, champenggimin dol Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) dolni, Shillong songjinmao aro Ri-Bhoi a•jani Mawhati-Umroi donggipa sleeper cell-ko...

Lifeless body with wound slash on neck found in Ri Bhoi

The headman mentioned that the police are underway with the investigation and took the body to Nongpoh Civil Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Nongpoh police arrest suspect in Erpakon Village murder case

The suspect is identified as Raju Rajbhar from Sonapur, Kamrup Assam and is currently employed at a dhaba in Erpakon Village.

Nongpoh women police rescues minor boy from Assam within 2 days of being kidnapped

The successful operation was carried out in close collaboration between the Nongpoh Police and the Assam Police.

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