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What is Potlloi? Traditional attire worn by Manipuri brides and it’s connection with Meitei kingdom

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Imphal, Nov 30: Manipuri brides looks no less then a doll in the traditional Manipuri costume of Potloi- a highly decorated red-coloured cylindrical skirt made of thick fabric and a traditional dark green blouse embellished with jewellery.

The potloi bridal dress of the Meitei community is linked to the time of the Meitei kingdom.

Interestingly, the Polloi is that it is stitched onto the bride an hour or two before her wedding.


According to the beliefs, it is said that the dress was introduced by Meitei king Rajah Bhaigya Chandra or Meidingu Chinthang Khoma (1749-1798) during the later half of the eighteenth century.


He was known to have composed three forms of Rasa Leela- Kunja Ras, Maha Ras and Basanta Ras.

The cylindrical or the round stiff skirt was, and is still used in the Manipur’s classical dance – Ras-Leela – where Radha can be seen in a green potloi, and the Gopis in red.

However, it became popular among the Hindu-Meitei brides and they started wearing this attire for their wedding.

About the making of the dress and Headdress? 

The Potloi is made up of thick fabric and hard bamboo. Further it is adorned with satin cloth and embellished with mirror and glitter.

Kajenglei also known as Leitreng is a traditional Meitei headdress crown. The bridal dressup is incomplete without this.

It consists of around eight to hundred brass stripe which are attached to the red flannel strips which are one centimeter in width and is tied around the head.

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