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Chuba Ao says BJP will not pull out of NPP-led MDA; reiterates ‘no government without BJP’

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Shillong, Jan 27: BJP Meghalaya in-charge M. Chuba Ao on Monday said the party has decided not to pull out of the National People’s Party (NPP)-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government.

“We are in a coalition government…If we pull out…the blame will come to us and we don’t want the blame to come to us. Let us complete the term peacefully…,” Chuba Ao told reporters when responding to a query on the matter.

He claimed that the party has done its calculations after giving maximum opportunity to the NPP to correct themselves.

He said the proposal to pull out of the government was proposed by individuals in the party’s forum for discussion. “We have discussed and decided that it is hardly two months left (for the elections) so why should we pull out,” Chuba Ao said.

Asked if BJP will work with the NPP after the elections, the Meghalaya in-charge said, “In politics, everything is possible.”

BJP to contest from all seats

He said that the party is fielding candidates in all 60 seats and the party is confident to win and come to power in Meghalaya this time. “We are very comfortable to win with a complete majority. We are a national party; we have to take all regional parties together because we are not like other parties. We will not take them…we will take everybody as we have to run the country.”

On BJP’s decision of not including NPP in the Manipur government, Chuba Ao however assured that the situation will never happen in Meghalaya. “Manipur was different. There was some pull out of the government and try to disturb the BJP… that is why chemistry didn’t work. They can now support no problem. In Meghalaya, it will never happen like that.”

‘No government without BJP’

Reiterating that no government will be formed without the BJP, the Meghalaya In-charge said, “We are a national party and definitely they (regional parties) will need our help as without us they cannot go to Delhi. That is why, without us they cannot form the government.”

If BJP is open to work with the opposition AITC in Meghalaya, the BJP leader however said the matter will be discussed when the time comes.

According to him, everybody attacks each other during the elections and it is a natural phenomenon. “Even BJP alliance (partners) they also sometimes attack us so we will also attack them. So this will be forgotten after the results,” he said.

Working with regional parties

Whether the party will invite the regional parties to work together, he said, “I can’t say right now. Let the results come; after that we can discuss what will be the best formula to rule the state.”

On the allegations that the BJP is indulging in horse trading, Chuba Ao however said it is not good for the party to poach on other political parties since all regional parties are part of the North East Development Alliance (NEDA) led by BJP leader and Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma.

BJP’s image being misconstrued: Ao

On the other hand, the BJP leader denied the allegation against atrocities on the Christian community in Assam and said, “In Nagaland, there are 12 MLAs and all are Christians. It never happens there. Somewhere it happened, why should we worry here, there may be local issues there. I may not know what is the inside story but it has come out in the media in a different way and everybody thinks that the BJP are attacking churches.”

He said such allegations come out every time before the elections. “BJP is a national party so everybody can come – Muslim can come, Gurudwara can come, everybody can come, but sometimes people are very happy to divide in that issue,” he added.

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