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Guwahati Police displays recovered stolen Mobiles, Laptops for owners to claim

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Guwahati, June 14: The Guwahati Police displayed a haul of recovered electronic devices, comprising 650 mobile phones and 16 laptops, on Friday. The display is on at the office of the Commissioner of Police in Guwahati’s Panbazar.

These stolen items have been recovered from thieves over the recent months, but their owners are untraceable. These devices were lying in different police stations across the city for an extended period. The inability to trace the genuine owners had resulted in these gadgets accumulating in police custody. The police, therefore, decided to publicly display these items in the hope that the rightful owners might come forward to claim their belongings.


Police have requested the rightful owners to contact the respective police stations and claim their ownership after submitting verified documents.

Assam DGP Gyanandra Pratap Singh told the media that “Today Guwahati City Police has run very citizen friendly schemes where around 640 stolen mobile phones and around 14 stolen laptops recovered in the last two months were put on display for verified owners to claim them”.


Details of electronic devices have also been given by the Guwahati City Police on social media platforms. People have been requested to identify their electronic devices. And after proper process this mobile phone will be handed over to them”.

Apart from this, a woman who was herself a victim told that “my mobile was lost on 31 December 2022, then I lodged an FIR the same night. On Wednesday I got a call from the police station and was informed that my mobile was found. Today I came here and identified my mobile.”

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