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Manipur’s First Water Park Set to Splash into Action on March 13

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Imphal,Mar 10 (Waari Singbul Network): For a change in strife torn Manipur, excitement is in the air as the state’s inaugural water theme amusement park in Imphal East’s Thengu Ching is all set to be unveiled on March 13 2024.

Construction, spearheaded by Manipur Police Housing Corporation Ltd, is in its final stages, and the government plans to dedicate the park to the public next Wednesday.

The park’s imminent inauguration offers a promising respite for many individuals affected by the prevailing ethnic turmoil in the region. It is anticipated that the water theme amusement park will provide a welcome escape for locals, allowing them to unwind and enjoy a few hours of recreation.

Chief Minister N Biren Singh, accompanied by senior state officials, including Chief Secretary Dr. Vineet Joshi, visited the site on Saturday.


Expressing his enthusiasm on Facebook, Singh stated, “Inspected the water amusement park located in Awang Potsangbam Khunou, Imphal East. The park will enhance recreational opportunities in hte region. With this new addition to our community, families and individuals will have a vibrant and refreshing destination to unwind and create lasting memories.”

The forthcoming amusement park, nestled about 12 kilometers north of Imphal city, is poised to offer a diverse range of recreational opportunities.

With the construction nearing completion, locals are eager to explore the various attractions that the park has to offer, making it a potential hotspot for families and individuals seeking a vibrant and refreshing destination.


The initiative holds particular significance against the backdrop of current ethnic tensions in the region. The park’s inauguration is expected to provide a welcome reprieve, allowing residents to momentarily escape the challenges they face and indulge in the joys of a modern amusement facility.

Imphal’s Thengu Ching water park promises to not merely be a testament to leisure but also reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing community well-being. The chief minister’s hands-on involvement and frequent updates on social media underscore the significance attached to this project.

As Manipur eagerly awaits the grand opening of its first water theme amusement park, the positive impact on the local community is already palpable.

Beyond being a recreational venue, the park symbolizes resilience and progress, offering a haven where families and individuals can forge lasting memories, transcending the challenges of the present.

Come March 13, the dedication of Manipur’s inaugural water theme amusement park is set to mark a milestone in the state’s recreational landscape.

With its vibrant and refreshing ambiance, the park is poised to become a cherished destination for all, fostering a sense of unity and joy within the community.

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