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‘Most ridiculous way of proving anything’: Conrad on Mukul’s allegation

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Shillong, Sept 19: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday termed the allegation of former chief minister Dr. Mukul Sangma over a photograph of him and a person, who was arrested as kingpin in a drug haul in New Delhi in 2013, as the most ridiculous way of proving anything.

Mukul had accused the chief minister of having a close association with a drug kingpin from Mizoram while producing a photograph of Conrad, his wife and Henry Lalremsanga, who was arrested in April 2013 in connection with the seizure of Rs. 6 crore worth banned pseudoephedrine tablets in the national capital.

The serious allegation was made in the Assembly during a discussion on a motion related to drug menace in the State.

“It is sad that a person of his (Mukul) level brought in a photograph and just jumped to a conclusion. Connecting people based on a photograph of two people being clicked together I think in today’s world, it is the most ridiculous way of proving anything. So, I have no comment to say about that,” Conrad told reporters.

Stating that he clicked pictures with millions of people being a public figure, he said, “I meet and I sit and I click pictures with millions of people. Even while walking in the street, somebody will stop me, I never say no, because we are public figures.”

“I think connecting two individuals’ activities based on and coming to a conclusion based on a photograph I think is the most illogical conclusion that anybody can jump to,” Conrad said while adding “It has to be based on evidence and on proof of what activities were taking place. I have no clue number one, what these activities were and I know many people and individuals who are there and as public figures we need to talk to everybody.”

“So does the court case or whatever police case that was filed, does that have Conrad Sangma’s name in it? I think that is the precise question. Whether we were called for any kind of discussion on it or any kind of case was filed against us, I think that is the basis on which a statement of this level by a person of his stature should be made,” he added.

When asked, the chief minister said he will act on the matter as per rule and procedure that is there in the House.

“As per rule, whatever the ruled in procedure is there in the house, whatever the honourable speaker has mentioned accordingly we will take it but as I said this nothing to react for my side when there is no basis on which these kinds of talks have been made,” he said.

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