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Put Farm Laws on ‘Hold’ or we will Intervene, warn Chief Justice to the Govt

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New Delhi, Jan 11: The Supreme Court on Monday warns the central government whether the Farm Laws needs its intervention and would put on hold the implementation of three controversial Farm Laws at the core of massive farmer protests near Delhi.

The Supreme Court stating that the situation has gone out of hand. In a statement of the SC, “Tell us whether you will put the laws on hold or else we will do it. What’s the ego here?”

“Each one of us is responsible if anything goes wrong. We don’t want any injuries or blood on our hands,” Chief Justice of India SA Bobde said in sharp remarks. This sharp remark of the Court came during a hearing on petitions challenging the farm laws and the farmer agitation at the Delhi borders.

The Superior Court of the country suggested that with the implementation of the laws in question, the protest will continue. “But decide whether you want to carry on the protest on the same site or move to other,” said the statement of the SC.

The Supreme Court in previous hearings had noted ‘there was no improvement on the ground’, and it was told by the Central Govt. that “healthy discussions” were going on between the government and the unions over all outstanding issues.

Chief Justice of India SA Bobde questioned “We have asked in the last hearing but no answer. The situation has gone worse. People have committed suicide. Why are the old and the women part of the agitation in this weather?”. The SC, therefore, urged and added, “If the government is not doing it on its own, to hold the implementation, we will say.”

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