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Sanbor warns Mawrie not to bypass elected MLAs

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Shillong, Oct 19: BJP leader Sanbor Shullai today said that present political developments arising out of continuous statements made against government by the State office bearers of the party has created a strong sense of uneasiness in the minds of the people.

“It is imperative that the leaders should also take the local MLAs into confidence as they are the elected representatives,” Shullai said in a letter.

In a letter to BJP State President Ernest Mawrie, Shullai said BJP is a strong partner of the MDA government as the formation of the ruling government was an initiative taken by the central leaders of the party, collectively with other alliance partners.

“The alliance partners – NPP and UDP are also part of the Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA) in the region. Such continuous public threats, through media houses, puts a huge question mark over the decisions made by the central leadership at the start of the alliance,” said Shullai, while indirectly warning Mawrie to refrain from making such statements in future.

Terming that such statements against the government is ‘unhealthy’, Shullai said, “It affects the smooth functioning of the government and also creates a negative image of the party. Despite repetitive efforts of all coalition partners to bring all issues and standing irregularities through coordination committee comprising of all political parties of the present MDA government, such statements and accusations from the state leadership are not well appreciated by the coalition partners”.

Shullai also questioned whether the central leaders are aware of the multiple allegations made by state BJP office-bearers.

Shullai further said that BJP leaders have always supported the Chief Minister, while adding that if BJP State Unit has any concerns to discuss, they can always call on the Chief Minister. “I will request the CM to call for an all Government party meet to address and resolve all issues glaring at us so that the trust and working coordination is restored among all alliance partners,” he added.

“Such repetitive media statements are only projecting the government of which we are part in poor light as people are raising the question of our party stand,” Shullai said.



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