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Social Media Scam Alert: Beware of fraudulent accounts posing as religious figures

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Williamnagar, June 24: Scamsters are always trying to find out new ways to dupe people, and their latest method is to pose as a priests and pastors to con unsuspecting followers. In a recent incident, Simon George S. Marak, a resident of Williamnagar and Editor of Hub News (Garo Section), narrowly avoided falling victim to a social media scam. The scam involved a Facebook friend request from an account impersonating a Catholic priest, Fr. Nicholas Sangma.

Upon accepting the friend request, Simon received a message asking for financial assistance. Suspecting it might be a scam, he decided to investigate further. He expressed his willingness to help, stating that aiding a priest would be a blessing for him. The imposter then requested Rs. 30,000 and provided a G-pay number, 6913917389, for the transfer.


Simon searched the number on True Caller and discovered it belonged to Anil Wansene. When he questioned the impersonator about this, the individual claimed the number belonged to his friend. To get more details, Simon asked for the name of his friend to confirm it. The scammer then said it belonged to Mukesh Pal.

Further investigation by Simon on G-pay revealed the name Mukesh Pal was associated with the number. However, Simon was sure it was a fake account and messaged the scammer that it showed Jiarul Islam instead.

When Simon confronted the scammer with this information, he received no response. This incident highlights the increasing prevalence of social media scams, particularly those exploiting the trust people place in religious figures.


Authorities advise the public to be cautious and sceptical of unsolicited messages, especially those requesting money. Always verify the identity of the person by contacting them through known and trusted means before taking any action.

Social media users are urged to report suspicious accounts and stay vigilant to avoid falling prey to these scams. For any suspicious activity, contacting local authorities or the concerned person directly is recommended to ensure the legitimacy of the request.

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