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Meghalaya’s battle against drug menace: Conrad advocates for community-centric approach, guidance to children

Speaking at the DREAM and BUILD programs of Social Welfare department at U Soso Tham Auditorium here on Tuesday, the CM laid emphasis on youth and having a holistic policy for them wherein they can channelize their energy and talent towards constructive activities.

Social Welfare-ni DREAM aro BUILD program-rango CM bak ra•a

Shillong, Dec 5: Mongolbar salo, Shillong songjinmani U Soso Tham Auditorium-o ong•atanggipa Social Welfare department-ni DREAM aro BUILD program-rango, Meghalaya a•dokni Chief Minister Conrad...

Pekatgipa samko niam gri badinganirangko champengani bidingo, social welfare minister, Dorbar shnong-rang baksa chanchirimanga

Shillong, Oct 17: Pekatgipa samrangko jakkalanirang a·doko batroroengon, chadamberangni ong·gijaona sokanganiko aro niam gri drug badinganirangko champengna gita dingtang dingtang dolni manderang baksa tom·anirangko...

KSU appeals for accelerated implementation of drug-free Meghalaya policy

The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) on Friday urged the state government to speed up the implementation of a policy drafted under the Drug Reduction Elimination and Action Mission (DREAM) for ensuring a drug free Meghalaya.

Govt committed to address Drug Addiction through ‘DREAM’ project

CM Conrad Sangma said that the operational cost for the implementation of DREAM is ten crores per annum which works out to fifty crores for the next five years. “Different rehabilitation centers and detoxification centers will be established and NGOs will be financially assisted for treatment and rehabilitation and outreach programs,” he said.

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