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With ILP put on back burner, HYC demands Centre to approve Meghalaya Residents Safety Bill

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Shillong, Nov 12: The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) on Saturday demanded Centre to immediately approve the Meghalaya Residents Safety and Security (Amendment) Bill (MRSSAB), 2020 if it requires more time to examine the resolution passed by the State Assembly for implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) to check unabated influx and illegal immigration into the State of Meghalaya.


Addressing the media after the oath taking ceremony of the new central executive committee (CEC) members, HYC president Roy Kupar Synrem said that given a choice between ILP and MRSSAB, 2020 “of course we will always choose ILP. That is very clear”.


“But in the meantime, if ILP is very difficult for the central government at this point of time then give us the MRSSAB first and after that we will see how those provisions which have been inserted in the Bill whether they have been implemented as per law or not,” he said.

Synrem informed that the new CEC would soon be meeting with the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma to know the status of the MRSSAB.

“We have seen that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had returned the MRSSAB, 2020, which was proposed by us to the earlier government that it should have the same provisions like the ILP. Therefore, we have sought an appointment with the CM to inquire about the status of the MRSSAB and queries raised by the MHA,” he said.


Synrem however reiterated the stand of the HYC is not to accept the implementation of the MRSSA, 2016 as it is “toothless” by aiming to only register the tenants in Shillong city. This came after the State government had directed implementation of MRSSA, 2016 in 7 localities of Shillong.

Moreover, the HYC chief said that the Meghalaya High Court had infact already declared the setting up of the entry-exit points as “illegal” as there is no provision in the MRSSA, 2016 which empowered the State government to set up such facilities.

“Therefore, as of now, there is no entry-exit point operating in the State of Meghalaya because there are no provisions (to do so). That is why we say amend the MRSSA, 2016, so that you have a provision to check the inflow of people coming into the state and going out of the state,” he added.

Terming the inauguration of the Umling entry point as a “fanfare”, Synrem said, “Now it (the entry point at Umling) is not operational as there is no law to set up such entry-exit points. If you don’t amend the MRSSA, 2016 you don’t have the power to regulate entry of people from outside the state.”

Further demanding the State to aggressively pursue with the Centre for an effective anti-influx mechanism, the HYC leader said, “As of now, we are not happy with the way the present government is handling the matter. We have made our concerns very clear before the deputy chief minister, we told him that just passing a resolution on ILP it doesn’t mean your job ends there. Your actual job will end till the day you actually make the MHA understands that our state needs ILP or mechanism to check influx of people from outside.”

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