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HYC to hold campaign to tell people to choose their representatives wisely

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Shillong, Feb 1: Ahead of the assembly polls in State, the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC), Central body, announced on Wednesday to launch “Rai eh daw” campaign 2023 to give awareness to the people of the State to choose their representatives wisely.

Addressing the press, HYC president Robertjune Kharjahrin said that election is not a festival and people should not take election as an excuse to get free liquor and free money. “Election is not an opportunity for the youth to ask money from the candidates and go picnic. Election is real, the right to vote is not to be mistaken as something we got for free but our freedom fighters have sacrificed; so us, the present generation, can get the right to vote,” he said.

He said the Right to Vote is our solemn duty and during the election, it is the people’s power to hand over the right to legislation to the elected candidates for five years. “If we handover the powers to representative based on free alcohol, cheap things like mugs or pigs, then we put ourselves in danger,” he warned.

The motive of this soon-to-be launched campaign all over the Khasi-Jaiñtia region is to make the people see a brighter and better Meghalaya. “We would like to see pending issues get resolved at the earliest and peace, prosperity and development come back to the state. We would like to see a clean governance and a clean politics in the State,” he said.

The HYC chief said the campaign will remind the people to choose their representatives wisely, and hoped that through this campaign the State will produce better, qualified, well-informed and sincere politicians for the next five years.

The HYC will distribute pamphlets and will hold public meetings take the message of the campaign to the people.

It may be mentioned that another pressure group has taken the initiative to campaign against the MDA government, however, the HYC president stated that the campaign initiated by the HYC will not target any political party nor will it support any party, but it will be purely to bring facts to the public.

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