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Places to visit in Meghalaya| Meghalaya Tourism guide

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Surrounded with clouds, Meghalaya is called as the “Abode of Clouds”. Meghalaya reopened tourism after nine long months. So if you are wondering where to travel after this long lockdown, we have something for you. Let me take you to a place so pristine where you can find the place receiving the most amount of rainfall in the world Mawsynram and its capital city Shillong is known as “Abode of Gods”. It is one of the states of the 7 sisters of India. Meghalaya is a tourist attraction site for all season. It is also an adventure spot for adventure enthusiasts.

Here are few places to visit in Meghalaya !

Umiam Lake

This is a lake formed artificially a dam was build to generate hydroelectric power. It is a beautiful lake which can be found en route between Guwahati and Shillong. This tourist attraction site is a beautiful view to please the eye. Adventure sports like kayaking and boating can also be done in the Umiam lake. Fast food stalls can also be found nearby this area. To visit this site is free of cost.

Shillong Peak

The Shilong peak gives a bird eye view through the telescopes available on top of the capital city Shillong. It stands at an elevation of 4900 feet. Since this area is under the control of Indian Defense Army, we have to register ourselves at the entrance and deposit our ID as proof before entering the site. This site is a must visit as it offers a gorgeous and breathtaking view from top of the Shillong Peak. It also offers a trekking experience for adventure enthusiasts to the top of the Peak and makes the experience wholesome.

Lady Hydari Park

It is located in Shillong. It is named after the First Lady of State and Governor of Assam, Lady Hydari. Flowers bloom in this park from April to October. It is a treat to the naked eye. The best thing about this park is the Zoo which hosts various animals and birds. The roars of the animals and chirps of the birds create a mesmerizing vibe throughout the Lady Hydari Park.

Elephant Falls

Elephant falls date back to British era. The British found a giant rock which looked like elephant near the falls and named it as the Elephant Falls. Elephant falls is a two tier waterfall. The first tier is broad and is hidden among the trees while the second tier is tame and lays low as compared.

Single Decker Root Bridge

The Single Decker Root Bridge is a simple suspension bridge. It is formed by living plant roots of trees growing since decades. Root bridges are common in the Northern eastern part of India. These bridges grow on steep slopes of forests. Root bridges are hand made from aerial roots of rubber fig trees by the Khasi and Jaintia hills. The root bridges grow thick and strengthen as long as the tree from which it is formed is healthy. The roots of these tress are manipulated so that the roots can form a desired shape and formation. If active care is not taken, the bridges decay or wild plants grow on it.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

This tourist attraction site is for real adventure seekers. It is not an experience for the faint hearted people. We need to climb down 3500 steps to get a wholesome experience of the Double Decker Living Root Bridge. There is a set of total 4 bridges, 2 of them are made of metal and the other two are naturally built bridges made of rubber tree roots. At the end, the bridge is a Double Decker living root bridge. View from this place is a treat for the eyes. This place has its own lavish history. To climb up and down 3500 steps is signing up for some real adventure.

Police Bazaar

Police Bazaar is situated in the centre of the city, Shillong. It is a well developed shopping hub for shopaholics. It provides all types of clothing, accessories and street food. You can find different brands and local outlets in the infamous Police Bazaar. It is crowded with many street vendors who provide various foods to satisfy your taste palette. In the evening, Police Bazaar lights up to give a glazing look for you to shop and eat your heart out. This place is full of chaos and people from different places who visit this place get a whining experience.

Mawsmai and Arwah Caves

The Mawsmai and Arwah caves are located in Sohra. It is a huge cave. It is known for its limestone formation and fossils. This cave is a spectacular tourist site in Cherrapunji. The Arwah Cave is a huge cave surrounded by thick forest and is much larger in size then the Mawsmai Cave. The Arwah Cave was discovered much later and is least explored. Both the caves are really dark inside. While walking into the caves, the narrow tunnels get spooky. Since Arewah caves is newly discovered, it is a must see attraction site in Cherrapunji. The highlight of the cave is a tiny pond nearby.

Laitlum Canyon

Cool breeze flowing through clouds and a mesmerizing landscape to look at, Laitlum canyon gives a breathtaking experience of nature served on a plate. The place is foggy most of the time, you might catch a rainbow through the clouds on rainy days. This valley is filled with clouds till your eye can view its beauty. It lays on the top of the East Khasi hills. From top, you get a panoramic 360 degree view of the Laitlum Canyon. You can trek up the canyon and have a good adventurous experience. While on your way downhill, do not forget to catch a glimpse of the Lwai falls.

Nohkalikai Falls in Cherapunjee

Nohkalikai Falls is India’s tallest plunge waterfall. It is the fourth highest waterfall in the world. The whole scenery is wonderful and worth a visit.  This is a heavenly spot on Earth surrounded by greens of the nature. It can be best viewed during the monsoon season which is the default season of Meghalaya.

Ward’s Lake

Ward’s Lake lies in the middle of the city of Shillong in Meghalaya. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers which complements the area. The lake is horse shoe shaped and is surrounded by cobble stone footpaths and a fountain. One can feed the fishes standing on the wooden bridge in the middle of the lake. This Lake is named after the Chief Commissioner of Assam, Sir William Ward. Close to Ward’s lake is a botanical garden with consists of beautiful flowers blooming throughout. You can also enjoy boating on the lake by booking.  There is a cafeteria where you can enjoy eating.

Umngot River, Shnongpodeng

Based near the India Bangladesh border, Umngot River is one of the most magical tourist place. The ride to this river is bumpy and a 3 hours ride from the main city of Shillong. There is a list of activities for you to do in this place. Boating is the most popular thing to do in this place. The water is really clear, it is so clear that you can see the riverbed and fishes swimming in the river. Then there is fishing where you can clearly spot the fishes. You can also walk on the suspension bridge up top and enjoy the greens surrounding the place with the river flowing beneath you. You can also enjoy camping there. The most valid thing to see here is the official India Bangladesh border up close.

The Seven Sisters Falls

The Seven Sister Falls is also known as the Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls. The waterfall gets illuminated by the Sun and vibrant colours are let out which makes the waterfall more beautiful. The falls is named after the Seven Sisters of Northeast India Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya. The falls is segregated into seven parts over the cliff on the hills.To see the fullness of the falls, one must visit the sate of Meghalaya in the monsoon season.

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

There are 125 Sacred groves in Meghalaya. The local people believe that oddess dwell among these thick and virgin forests. This enchanting Mawphlang Sacred Forest boasts of diverse sections of trees growing throughout the forest. These lush green forests receive heavy rainfall and maintain decorum of peace and fierceness both at the same time. The mild and steady climate of Meghalaya lets the forest to remain open for tourists throughout the year. The forest of Meghalaya is a source of some of the most important cultural traditions of the hilly state.

This Sacred forest has generated quite a number of legends and stories around itself over the years. There is also a story regarding the Sacred Forest and the Indian Army. The story states that, in the year 1970, the Indian army tried to cut out logs from the trees in the forest and they ignored the word of the locals about not cutting the trees. But due to some reason, the truck which was supposed to carry out the logs refused to start. Since that very day, nobody dared to cut the trees in the Sacred Forest after the attempt of the Indian Army.


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