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Opposition Congress seeks Conrad’s intervention against “highhandedness” by Assam govt along inter-state border

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Shillong, March 23: The opposition Congress has urged the chief minister Conrad K Sangma to intervene into the alleged “highhandedness” of the Assam government by stopping developmental works implemented in villages along the inter-state border.

“I request the chief minister to intervene into the matter and stop the highhandedness of the Assam government for the smooth (implementation) of the developmental works for the benefits of the people residing along the inter-state border,” Congress legislator from Mawhati Charles Marngar said while raising a supplementary query during the Assembly on Thursday.

He alleged that majority of the developmental works implemented by the Meghalaya government have been stopped by the Assam government and cited four such projects which include ICDS building at Madan Umwang, SSA lower primarcy school (which was destroyed), JJM scheme at Jatalong and a dorbar hall at Umru village.

In his reply, chief minister Conrad K Sangma said it is a fact that few projects have been stopped but it is not happening in a large scale. “(This is due to some) local issues which we have to sort out,” he said while informing that implementation of the hundreds of projects are going on.

Admitting that no work should be stopped, Sangma said, “That is the reason why we have been continuously following up with Assam whenever complaint has come that work has been stopped. Soon after we get information, deputy commissioner and concerned officers are in immediate touch and they try to resolve the matter at the earliest.”

He added, “In the last few months and years, we have seen lots of projects, which were stopped, work have resumed.”

Sangma however said there are situation where works by Assam government have also been stopped by people from Meghalaya.

“That is the reason why the two chief ministers said whatever differences we may have (developmental works should not be stopped). Therefore, 99% of the works are going on as normal but there are few works which coordination is needed,” he added.

The chief minister also assured to intervene on such incidents and said, “I urge the member(s) to send information. We are very accessible and we are keen to ensure these kinds of problems are resolved. If there are issues, we will intervene immediately. Member(s) can give in writing and we will take up immediately with the Assam counterpart.”

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