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Yak milk parlour comes up in Arunachal Pradesh

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Itanagar, Sept 18: Good news for the people of Arunachal Pradesh because a ‘yak milk parlour’ has come up in the state which will give boost to the milk production.

As the ICAR-National Research Centre Yak (ICAR-NRCY) adds value to the milk of the bovine species.

On September 15, the parlour was inaugurated by Dr.Shiv Prasad Kimothi, Member Animal Science, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, in the presence of Dr. Mihir Sarkar, Director, ICAR-National Research Centre on Yak, Dr. VK Gupta, Director, ICAR-National Research Centre on Pig, Dr. Grish Patil, Director, ICAR National Research Centre on Dr. and other staff of the institute.

Sarkar said the institute wanted to conduct capacity-building programmes for the benefit of tribal yak farmers through training with hands-on practices on value addition of yak milk and preparation of diversified yak milk products to get yak herders more incentives and make yak farming better remunerative.

“Yak milk is creamy white, thick, sweetish, fragrant and rich in protein. It contains 15.63-19.63% total solids with 5.29-8.73% fat, 3.45-4.27% protein and 0.64-0.82% ash. In general, yak milk is considered naturally-concentrated milk enriched with a higher nutrient density and loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. It also has vitamins and minerals,” Sarkar said.

India has some 58,000 yaks, found on the heights of Arunachal, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. In Arunachal, their population is estimated to be around 24,000, found in Tawang, West Kameng and Shi Yomi districts.

Yak plays an important role in the livelihood of highlanders, catering to their essential needs through its products—milk, meat, fibre, hide, dung, and draft power for transportation.

Yak milk and milk products are the integral components of the diet of these tribals, thriving with a healthy and productive life under an extreme hypoxic and harsh environment without supplementation of any vitamins and minerals.

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