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Burglary at Masangpani church, thieves take away donation money and microphones

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Tura, Jan 16: Clearly these are desperate times for criminals!

Undeterred by the sanctity of the place, burglars have broken into the Masangpani Baptist Church and taken off with a couple of items including money left by worshippers in a donation box.

Masangpani is a large Garo village outside of Phulbari in the plain belt of West Garo Hills district.

The break-in was found on the morning of January 14th by the pastor of the church.

According to a police complaint given by Masangpani Baptist Church Pastor Senarth Ch Marak, the theft took place on Wednesday night and the forced entry was noticed the following morning.

The thieves were able to gain entry into the church by breaking open its door.

On inspection of the crime scene it was found that the burglars had lifted off one Ahuja Radios’ P A mixer amplifier and two microphones used for announcements and music.

A closer scrutiny of the place found that the mission donation box containing money had also been stolen.

The donation box was found with its contents missing outside the church compound.

The value of the theft has been placed at approximately 50,000 rupees.

Police say that the handiwork of petty thieves is not being rules out as they begun investigation of the incident.

Last year, a criminal gang involved in the burglary of the Chokchokia church in Rajabala were arrested and sent packing to prison.


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