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Paul Lyngdoh calls for calm amidst law and order concerns in State

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Shillong, July 10: The Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) coalition has called for responsible behaviour from all stakeholders amidst growing tensions over law and order issues in the state.

Cabinet Minister and MDA spokesperson Paul Lyngdoh urged for calm, stating that the government, opposition, and NGOs must work together to unlock Meghalaya’s potential as a cultural and musical powerhouse.

Lyngdoh clarified that the Home Department and Deputy Chief Minister are responsible for addressing issues like labour and trading licenses, ILP check gates, and commuter frisking. He emphasized that the Tourism Department is not solely responsible, as multiple agencies are involved.


“I think the proper authority, the appropriate authority concerned, would be the Home Department. As the Deputy Chief Minister In-charge of Home is also around, I think he would be the best person for you to talk to because it doesn’t involve the Tourism Department alone. It involves trade licenses, it involves Shillong Municipal Board licenses, and these are outside the realm of the Tourism Department.”

Regarding the assault on a Delhi-based technician at the JN stadium, Lyngdoh expressed surprise, saying he was unaware of the incident. However, he expressed optimism that the issue of the KSU-erected check gate can be resolved amicably without major controversy. “I think this will be resolved. I don’t see any major controversy arising out of this. This can be easily resolved, and I hope that good sense will prevail. We should be able to sort things out.”

He further said, “I would like the Deputy Chief Minister In-charge of Home to react. On the other hand, good sense should always prevail, whether it is the government, parties in the opposition, or NGOs. We all are trying to lift Meghalaya up, elevate the state to enable us to fully realize its potential as a powerhouse of culture and music. Therefore, we need everyone to act responsibly.”

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