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Ethnic Conflict

Manipur: ZCSC condemns attack on Zo ethnic tribes of Lamka

The Zomi Council Steering Committee (ZCSC) strongly condemned the incessant attack on the Zo ethnic (Kuki-Zomi) tribes of Lamka district living along the border with Bishnupur district in the third consecutive day by Manipur government backed Meitei armed groups.

Manipur Crisis: An eye-opening tale of ethnic cleansing and political inaction

In the remote northeastern state of Manipur, a harrowing tale of ethnic cleansing and political failure unfolds, bearing eerie resemblances to some of history's darkest chapters. The Kuki-Zo tribe finds itself in the throes of a nightmare akin to the genocides witnessed in Rwanda and Bosnia, sparking global concern. Once again, ethnicity has become the catalyst for a reign of terror, while the Manipur Police, entrusted with protecting its citizens, seemingly remain passive bystanders to the unfolding carnage.

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